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Rates – Online Counselling


ASCHP Reg no: SWC21/829

Invest in yourself.

Due to our current situation with Covid, all counselling sessions will be conducted online.  

 Please note: online refers to video platforms such as Zoom or WhatsApp video call – sessions will not be conducted via texts, emails or voice calls.

 Although online sessions has its limitations, I sincerely hope that this method will enable more people to be able to reach out for help. 

 My rates are R300 per hour session and proof of payment will secure your booking. You will receive 2 forms to complete  – the Agreement Form contains important information for you to familiarize yourself with.


“I’ve been struggling with my mental health for a while now and Liezl has honestly helped me become the best version of myself. In the few months that I’ve been working with her, I’ve seen huge improvements in my mood and my general outlook on life has become more positive. I’ve gone from being constantly stressed and anxious to living with excitement and enthusiasm. Liezl truly cares about the well being of her clients and I highly recommend her”

“Hi, I am grateful to have chosen Liezel as my coach during a tough 2020. I found Liezel to be a reliable, authentic, awesome listener and extremely dedicated to helping me so much to the pnt that she kept herself available to me on a public holiday. I appreciated her candid spirit and allowed me to feel comfortable. Thank you Liezel and I still refer back to your voicenotes as a sound of encouragement to help me through my challenge”

“Liezl has had an incredible impact on helping me journey through some confusing and difficult aspects of managing my mental health and physical illness. Compassionate, warm and trustworthy, Liezl provides not only a mountain of support but also makes me accountable to myself and the goals I have set myself. I feel blessed to be able to share a safe space to unpack my issues and successfully navigate the challenges that lay ahead of me”

“The one person in the world we really need to be kinder to is ourself.”

Steven Aitchison